Jim Susans' Bikecraft Classic Trials Bikes

Now here's a very special treat! Here are some pictures of classic Ariel trials bikes built by Jim Susans, of Bikecraft . Jim has built more than a 100 classic trials bikes over past 26 years. I've included a few pictures here of some of Jim's creations; keep an eye on this page, as there will be more to come in the future. We have some of Jim's Ariel, A.J.S. and even Noriel pictures still to come! Jim tells me that he has retired now, although he's sometimes to be seen at classic trials.

This is Paul Edwards' trick 500 Ariel, built by Jim in 1999

This is the other side of Paul Edwards' Ariel 500

Here is a special lightweight 350 Ariel, built by Jim in 1998

This is a 500 Ariel with a Bikecraft frame, built in August, 1998

A 500 Ariel, using a Bikecraft rigid frame. Copy of a 1954 HT5, built in January, 1998

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